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Research Group

Meet our team

Team: Team Members

Prof Emer Andrew Gleadow

Research Group Founder


Prof Emer Barry Kohn

Research Group Founder


Dr Ling Chung

Research Fellow


Dr Malcolm McMillan

Research Fellow


Dr Sean Jones



Abaz Alimanovic

Laboratory Technician

Thomas Church.png

Thomas Church

Software Engineer


Dr Samuel Boone

Honorary Researcher

Five decades of research and counting...

Andy Gleadow at FT Microscope Hons Gradn
Geotrack Board 1987
Fission Track Dating Conference 1984, Troy, NY Unites States
Melb FT Lab-2 1987
Geoff Laslett, Paul Green & Andy Gleadow
Andy Gleadow at the microscope circa 1991
Research group atop Mt Dromedary 1983
Himansu Sahu at microscope 2006
Andy Gleadow in fission track lab circa 1999
Autoscan Funding Sign-off ARC LP Dec 2003
La Trobe Fission Track Research Group 1997
Dry Valley area, Antarctica
Dry Valleys area, Antarctica
Asaf Raza at Zeiss AxioTron microscope 2
AuScope AGOS GeoHistory Collaboration
Barry Kohn and Cornelia Spiegel, Guilin, China 2012
Visitors, 2019
Group and visitors, 2017
Lunch on Lygon St, 2017
Rod Brown, Andy Gleadow and Paul Fitzgerald with Laslett prize, Thermo2014, Chamonix, France
Isabela Carmo (Petrobras) and Barry Kohn
Zeiss Z1m Microscope with LSM700
Andy Gleadow awarding thermochronology certificate, Hyderabad, India 2013
ONGC visit, 2010
Fission Track Conference 2000, Lorne, Australia
Field preparations Bahia de los Angeles, Mexico. Dr Christian Seiler, Prof Andrew Gleadow and Ramon
Prof Andy Gleadow, Bahia de Los Angeles, Mexico 2006
Dr Christian Seiler and Dr Fabian Kohlmann (Lithodat) in the field in Mexico
Fission Track Dating Workshop 1980, Pisa, Italy
Xi'an Workshop 2002
Beijing workshop, 2007
Dave Foster (U Florida) and Sam Boone above Chamonix, Thermo 2014
Beijing workshop 2002
Prof Barry Kohn and Prof Andy Gleadow at the Taj Mahal, 2010
Collaborators montage, 2014
Japanese visitors, 2017
Virtual meeting in the COVID era, 2020
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